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About HandsOn: Biobanks

In 2012, HandsOn: Biobanks experienced its first inception in Uppsala, Sweden., and Biobank Norway set up and hosted this innovative and interactive event to such acclaim that it seemed only natural to make it an annual one. For the 2013 edition, our Nordic colleagues kindly consented to let BBMRI-NL organize and host HandsOn: Biobanks 2013, closely following the original concept.

Innovative & interactive set-up

HandsOn: Biobanks is not a conference where you come, sit down and listen until it is time for a break and you can finally discuss your ideas with other visitors. HandsOn is, as the name says, hands on: you follow The Route to find out more about biobanking practice, sample analysis, publishing, validation, etc. You go for a heated discussion in the Ethics CafĂ©; you decide which speaker to pit your thoughts against (or with) in the Idea Labs. Plenary sessions are deliberately scarce.