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Edition 2012

The first interactive conference on biobanking

20-21 September 2012 the first ‘HandsOn: Biobanks' conference was held in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference attracted over 400 participants from all over the world.

For the first time we created an interactive biobank exhibition - The Route - where you could follow the research process and discuss the value of biobank research for both society and current and future patients. With the help of our sponsors, participants could look at how a biobank works by donating their sample and giving their consent to participate in the exhibition. They could also meet the experts and listen to debates in the Ethics & Trust science Café.

We had Knowledge sharing, Educational Sessions and Pricing Models for Biobanking to mention a few. The positive feedback we got, was more than we ever thought an interactive biobank conference could give. So we decided to have this ‘HandsOn: Biobanks' as a yearly event and keep the format that we outlined in Uppsala for the years to come.


Professor Jan-Eric Litton
Director General BBMRI-ERIC


Images from HOBB 2012