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Edition 2014


From Biobanks to Medical Innovations

HandsOn: Biobanks (HOBB) 2014 will focus on clinical biobanks and personalized medicine with a theme: From Biobanks to Medical Innovations. The HOBB conference is an interactive platform: in addition to plenary sessions, we highlight interactivity. International Biobanking Summit (IBS) III is integrated into this years´ HandsOn program.


We warmly welcome academics, industry, doctors, patient groups, policy makers, public representatives and legislators to participate and share their knowledge and ideas.


We offer:


Plenary sessions

The speakers & experts will address issues in the field of biobanking, health care and personalized medicine.


Interactive platforms

  • The Route during which you can observe how biobanks and clinical tissue banks operate in practice: follow the biobanking processes from start to finish.
  • Idea labs which offer you opportunities to exchange thoughts on current issues of biobanking.
  • Ethics & Legal Science CafĂ© that focuses on ethical aspects related to important developments in biobanking such as Public-Private-Partnerships.