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HandsOn: Biobanks 2013: Communities Connected

Connecting Communities

Some 320 visitors from all strata of the life sciences attended HandsOn: Biobanks 2013 on 21 and 22 November at World Forum, The Hague. There were people involved in pharma, cross-border research, patient advocacy, clinical or forensic practice, and of course biobanking itself. The conference, aimed at connecting communities, did just that: new collaborations sprung up in the Idea Labs, suggestions for closer collaboration between biobanks and pharmacogenticists were made, and the scientists inched a bit further towards the industry, recognizing the benefits of DNA-tests for the general public.

For a quick impression of the conference, see our conference newsletter, Hub.

HandsOn: Biobanks 2014

During the conference, the dates and venue for HandsOn: Biobanks 2014 were disclosed by Jan-Eric Litton, scientific director of BBMRI-ERIC. The event is to take place on 24 and 25 September in Helsinki, Finland. will host the conference.

Program highlights

HandsOn: Biobanks 2013 featured:

  • Speakers & Experts: Leading minds in biobanking
  • The Route: Highlighting the entire process of biobanking from start to finish
  • Idea Labs: Interactive workshops where diverse topics were discussed
  • Educational sessions: The lowdown on biobanking, regulations, ethics, analysis and more
  • Ethics CafĂ©: Heated discussions on legal and ethical issues
  • Poster sessions: Information on international biobanking (ELSI) projects