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Edition 2014


From Biobanks to Medical Innovations

HandsOn: Biobanks (HOBB) 2014 will focus on clinical biobanks and personalized medicine with a theme: From Biobanks to Medical Innovations. The HOBB conference is an interactive platform: in addition to plenary sessions, we highlight interactivity. International Biobanking Summit (IBS) III is integrated into this years´ HandsOn program.


We warmly welcome academics, industry, doctors, patient groups, policy makers, public representatives and legislators to participate and share their knowledge and ideas.


We offer:


Plenary sessions

The speakers & experts will address issues in the field of biobanking, health care and personalized medicine.


Interactive platforms

  • The Route during which you can observe how biobanks and clinical tissue banks operate in practice: follow the biobanking processes from start to finish.
  • Idea labs which offer you opportunities to exchange thoughts on current issues of biobanking.
  • Ethics & Legal Science Café that focuses on ethical aspects related to important developments in biobanking such as Public-Private-Partnerships.

Edition 2013

Connecting communities

Some 320 visitors from all strata of the life sciences attended HandsOn: Biobanks 2013 on 21 and 22 November at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands. Attendants came from the pharma and biotech field, cross-border research, patient advocacy, clinical or forensic practice, and of course biobanking itself. The conference, aimed at connecting communities, did just that: new collaborations sprung up in the Idea Labs, suggestions for closer collaboration between biobanks and pharmacogeneticists were made, and scientists inched a bit further towards industry, recognizing the benefits of DNA-tests for the general public and the value of patient involvement, both in common and rare disease. The atmosphere was very animated, the attendants listened raptly to the advances in insights and crowd-funding aspects of DTC-based biobank studies as presented from 23&Me by Stanford professor Uta Francke, and showed up en masse for the Ethics Café session, educational sessions and the plenary debate. And last but not least at the conference party at Madurodam: In touch with the Dutch – at mini-scale.


Professor Gert-Jan van Ommen
Project coordinator for BBMRI-LPC


Images from HOBB 2013

Edition 2012

The first interactive conference on biobanking

20-21 September 2012 the first ‘HandsOn: Biobanks' conference was held in Uppsala, Sweden. The conference attracted over 400 participants from all over the world.

For the first time we created an interactive biobank exhibition - The Route - where you could follow the research process and discuss the value of biobank research for both society and current and future patients. With the help of our sponsors, participants could look at how a biobank works by donating their sample and giving their consent to participate in the exhibition. They could also meet the experts and listen to debates in the Ethics & Trust science Café.

We had Knowledge sharing, Educational Sessions and Pricing Models for Biobanking to mention a few. The positive feedback we got, was more than we ever thought an interactive biobank conference could give. So we decided to have this ‘HandsOn: Biobanks' as a yearly event and keep the format that we outlined in Uppsala for the years to come.


Professor Jan-Eric Litton
Director General BBMRI-ERIC


Images from HOBB 2012