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Aslab® (Advanced Solutions for Laboratories and Biobanks) is a joint-venture set up between the SIAD Group, Angelantoni Group and Acotec.Aslab is a safe and reliable reference for institutes, research centers and hospital organizations intending to start or manage biobanks, cryobanks, or process biological or genetic material, providing the best available technology for every need and taking care of every phase of the project.


Established in Milan into the Department of Biotechnology of the San Raffaele Scientific Park, BioRep, a society of Sapio Group, is the first Biological Resource Centre able to provide cryopreservation services to research laboratories, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and safety. BioRep is specialized in collecting, transporting, processing, cryopreserving and distributing high quality biological material. The company is authorized for medical genetics and cytogenetics analysis. From 2012 BioRep is the reference biorepository of the Enroll-HD study, sponsored by CHDI Foundation Inc., providing standard collection kits, shipment management, establishment of cell lines, nucleic acids extraction and analysis and cryopreservation of all the samples collected. Enroll-HD is a worldwide observational study for Huntington's disease families. It will monitor how the disease appears and changes over time in different people, and is open to people who either have HD or are at-risk. Currently, BioRep is also supporting the Michael J Fox Foundation for with two projects; the Foundation's landmark biomarkers study Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) and the second called the LRRK2 (Leucine Rich Repeat Kinase 2) Cohort Consortium. BioRep serves as the biorepository for both projects scheduling and monitoring shipments of collecting kits and biological specimens from across Europe. BioRep is also the first Italian private facility the Ministry of Health authorized in 2012 to perform tissue and cell transportation, storage and preservation as support to the emergency plan (Disaster Recovery Plan) in Italy.


BioSHaRE - Folkehelseinstituttet
Biobank Standardisation and Harmonisation for Research Excellence in the European Union (BioSHaRE-EU) is a European FP7 project funded from 2010 to 2015. BioSHaRE aims to facilitate data harmonisation and standardisation, data sharing and pooling across multiple biobanks and databases. It is a consortium of leading population-based cohort studies, and international researchers from diverse domains of biobanking science, including epidemiologists, statisticians, software developers and ELSI experts. BioSHaRE has developed tools and methods for i) Data description, presentation and search; ii) Data harmonisation; iii) Data analysis; iv) Contributor recognition; v) Standardisation of sample handling; and vi) ELSI standards. A comprehensive description of all tools and methods is available in our tools catalogue and selection of the tools and methods will be presented at the HandsOn Biobanks event. For further information or to download the catalogue visit or mail to


FluidX develop and manufacture sample storage tubes, readers and instrumentation. Involved in developing 2D barcoded storage tubes and readers since 1999, the team at FluidX continue to offer innovative smart sample storage solutions including an unparalelled range of automated tube capping/decapping systems.


SLims by Genohm: the right BIMS/LIMS + ELN + order management solution for your Biobank! At Genohm we believe that you deserve to organize your digital data management system according to your own set-up matching closely your workflows. Therefore, we have created SLims, a flexible and customizable platform integrating complete and compliant laboratory information and sample management solutions (BIMS/LIMS) with an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and order management tools. SLims is a connectivity platform that supports and links different software, computers, barcode readers, label printers and all other relevant instruments of your lab. With SLims you are able to register, label, store and manage patients' samples and easily link them with data, protocols and results. Integration of new content and patient's follow-up is seamless. Our international Biobank clients trust us. Are you still wondering if SLims is the right solution for you? Meet us at our booth #2.



An increasing number of biobanks are adding genomics information to their clinical annotation and epidemiology data. Whether you are storing biological specimen or already have genetic analysis in place, Illumina can help you unlocking the potential of your samples. Illumina has the tools, experience, and resources you need to increase the value of your specimens from QC to data analysis creating new opportunities for partnerships with industry, academia, and other organizations. When used together, NGS and microarrays provide a comprehensive view of genomic variation, gene expression patterns, and downstream functional consequences. Illumina is the only company with the capability to support your projects through the whole genomic continuum, and give you the assurance of continuity, with the data you gather on our range of instruments being both forward and backward compatible. Moreover, our suite of bioinformatics analysis tools makes storing, sharing, and analyzing the data easier than ever. Illumina stands ready to offer you advice, technical support, and collaboration every step of the way.


Company Name: The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Company Description: The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) is a global organization which creates opportunities for sharing ideas and innovations in biobanking and harmonizes approaches to evolving challenges for biological and environmental repositories. ISBER fosters collaboration, creates education and training opportunities, provides an international showcase for state-of-the-art policies, processes, and research findings, and innovative technologies, products, and services. Together, these activities promote best practices that cut across the broad range of repositories that ISBER serves.



Enabling Clinical Research


LiCONiC, the world-leading manufacturer of automated incubators and plate hotels for integration, is the first to succeed making automation of bio-banking attractive for a broad community. Complete automation of the sample flow combined with latest refrigeration technologies fulfils highest quality standards.
In addition LiCONiC's bio-banking solutions feature outstanding economical advantages and help environmental protection by saving precious energy. More than 5000 products are installed worldwide. LiCONiC has become the European standard for automated repository solutions. Products range from a hundred thousand to several million tube capacity. This at temperatures as low as -80°C and new the -196°C full automated LN2 biobanks. LiCONiC offers their most profound knowledgebase helping you implementing the best solutions for your storage application and helping you to take the right decisions for this longterm investment. Please visit our booth for a free consultation. LiCONiC is a certified company and ISO 9001 compliant. Cooperate member at SiLA and ESBB. Member at the DIN working group to define guidelines of handling biosamples and biobanks.


Modul-Bio specializes in IT solutions for the management of biological samples with software data management (LIMS), barcode systems and collaborative tools for sharing biospecimen collections.

Modul-Bio's products portfolio includes:
- MBioLIMS BioBanking®: a flexible Laboratory Information Management System based on MBioLIMS Core and Plug-in modules. Specially designed for biobanks and cohorts projects, main functionnalities include patients management, samples collection, processing and distribution.
- MBioLABEL®: biological samples identification solutions for long term storage, from labelling to scanning.
- eMBioBANK®: a centralized biospecimen inventory web catalogue for sharing biorepositories sample collections with researchers. 

PerkinElmer's chemagen Technology - Automation and Kits for the Isolation of gDNA and total RNA.
Based on our patented magnetic beads technology, chemagen offers innovative automation solutions for your biobanking workflow. Highly flexible in sample volume (10 μl - 10 ml), sample material and throughput (1 - 96 samples in one run).



Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, a global leader in clinical diagnostics, provides healthcare professionals in hospital, reference, and physician office laboratories and point-of-care settings with the vital information required to accurately diagnose, treat and monitor patients. Our innovative portfolio of performance-driven solutions and personalized customer care combine to streamline workflow, enhance operational efficiency and support improved patient outcomes.

Silicon Biosystems, with offices in Bologna Italy and San Diego CA has developed an instrument platform for cell and molecular biology, which can sort, manipulate, and collect individual or groups of rare cells. Using a proprietary electronic chip-based microfluidic cartridge and microscopic image analysis the DEPArray™ system can recover as little as one single cell from a suspension of tens of thousands of cells with 100% purity, allowing downstream molecular analyses such as whole genome amplification and sequencing. DEPArray™ technology has application in the molecular characterization of circulating tumor
cells, tumor-infiltrating cells, stem cells and circulating fetal cells but also the recovery of multiple cell phenotypes to study EMT, identify potential markers of metastasis, assess biomarker expression in distinct cell populations, monitor effects of therapy on tumor cell & CTC subpopulations and also separate tumor cells from stromal cells in FFPE tissue.


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and approximately 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support. For more information, please visit



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