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Edition 2014


The Route

Experience the entire process of biobanking from start to finish

Part of the conference program is an interactive sequence of displays where participants can observe the biobanking process step by step. The route starts with filling out and signing an informed consent and continues with steps of sample collection, preparation, storage and analysis. The dissemination of results is also integrated as part of the Route. The samples and data in the Route will travel as a chain of different activities and processes. This year, in addition to blood/ DNA samples, a clinical tissue banks in operation will be illustrated.

The steps of the Route

The research process:

  • Ethics & Regulation: ethics and law as regulations and pre-requisites for biobank research.
  • Biobanking practice & Pre-analytics: the whole process around collection, distribution and storage (freezers, robotics, sample tracking systems, etc.). After samples have been collected and sent to a biobank, samples are registered in a system before processing and storage. This pre-analytical step includes aliquotation into barcoded storage tubes and DNA/RNA extraction.
  • Sample Analysis: the step to show how instruments for genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics are used to analyze the samples.
  • Data Analysis: statistical analysis.
  • Dissemination: suitable media, open access vs. privacy, nanopublications, high throughput data, biobank research impact factor.


  • Autoscribe
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Elpro-Nordic
  • Fenno Medical Oy - Co-exhibitor FluidX
  • FluidX
  • HAMILTON Robotics
  • Illumina
  • LiCONiC UK
  • Modul-Bio
  • Oy AGA Ab
  • P3G - Public Population Project in Genomics and Society
  • PerkinElmer
  • Promega
  • Software Point
  • Sysmex
  • Taylor Wharton
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

Idea labs

The inspiration for this session format comes from the World Economic Forum meeting, where idea labs are used to create an interactive discussion between the session participants coming from very different backgrounds. Similarly, at the HandsOn: Biobanks 2014 conference, we want to stimulate discussion about burning topics with relevance for the biobanking field by inviting experts in this area to lead the interactive 'idea lab' sessions.

How the Idea labs work

1. Moderator introduces the theme and concept (5 min)

The moderator gives a short introduction to the whole 'idea lab' session by presenting the overall theme of the session and by explaining in brief how the session is going to work. No slides are needed. The moderator then introduces each presenter, and leads the process (see below).

2. Presenter: Topic and provocative question (5 min per presenter, 20 min in total)

Each presenter gets up to 5 minutes to present his or her topic. Slides with photos or other illustrations may enhance the presentation, but bullet point-type slides filled with text is discouraged. The presenter should finish the talk with an interesting or provocative question that can stimulate to discussion.

3. Group discussions (30 min)

After the presentations (usually three to four presentations), all participants of the 'Idea Lab' choose one of the topics to continue to discuss about. The groups gather in the corners of the room around a whiteboard or a poster.

4. Summary of group discussions (5 min per group, total 15-20 min)

The purpose of this last part of the Idea Lab is to summarize the four group discussions. All participants gather around one whiteboard/poster at the time and listen to the presentation from that group.

Ethics & Legal Science Café

Take part or listen to heated discussions on burning issues relating to ethical and legal issues. We will have discussions on:

  • Results from research as part of healthcare
  • Public-Private-Partnership: rules and ethical aspects

Meet the experts

There will a special time slot implemented into the HOBB 2014 program for you to have a chance to meet the experts related to the biobanking field. Stay tuned for more information as the HOBB 2014 program will become available.