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The Route

Experience the entire process of biobanking from start to finish

Part of the conference program is an interactive sequence of displays where participants can go through the biobanking process step by step. From filling out and signing an informed consent form, via sample collection and storage to analysis and dissemination of results, the samples and data in the Route will travel a chain of different activities and processes.

At the start of the Route participants will be handed a consent form and a barcoded sample tube that can be used in each step of the Route. In the Ethics & Regulation step they register their consent form and indicate with "yes" or "no" if they want to participate in the Route. Those who consent continue to the next step, Biobanking practice & Pre-analytics. Here they can give their barcoded sample tube to the exhibitors and witness sampling, aliquoting and storage of their own sample. Next is Sample analysis where samples of all participants are analyzed with instruments for genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. From this step onwards samples from a group are studied, on a population level, not individual samples. In the Data analysis step the results of the different omics datasets are combined with other data. Dissemination, the final step, focuses on publication of results and other means to spread the knowledge obtained in biobank research.

But that's not all! HandsOn: Biobanks also presents the value of research for society as well as (future) patients and gives participants the opportunity to discuss their views with experts from industry, academy and authorities that regulate research. Participants are more than welcome to share their ideas in meet the expert sessions/science café as well as in the other sessions in the conference.

The steps of the Route

The research process:

  • Ethics & Regulation: ethics and law as regulations and pre-requisites for biobank research.
  • Biobanking practice & Pre-analytics: the whole process around collection, distribution and storage (freezers, robotics, sample tracking systems, etc.). After samples have been collected and sent to a biobank, samples are registered in a system before processing and storage. This pre-analytical step includes aliquotation into barcoded storage tubes and DNA/RNA extraction.
  • Sample Analysis: the step to show how instruments for genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics are used to analyze the samples.
  • Data Analysis: statistical analysis.
  • Dissemination: suitable media, open access vs. privacy, nanopublications, high throughput data, biobank research impact factor.

The value of biobanking:

  • Ethics& Trust (science cafe)
  • Health Economy
  • Drug Development
  • Clinical Practice

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